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    Vikas Rawat


    I have been doing an FMEA on one of my infrastructure projects. The issue i am facing in making the FMEA is in giving the rating of Occurence. As over 90% of the input failure modes have not occured so getting a logical RPN no which could really help in move our focus to most critical failure modes is difficult. Can any help me in this . How i will give the occurrence rating when it has never happened till date.



    Shelby Jarvis

    Great Question. I would begin by answering these and similar style questions.

    * Break the infrastructure into components. Do you have data concerning on or more of the components?
    * Does your infrastructure have sourced components? If yes, does the manufacturer have data associated with failure rates? Bath tub curve?
    * Do benchmarks exist? First look inward to your own organization; have you ever implemented a similar infrastructure? Have people in your industry?
    * Are you a member of a professional society which may have data?
    * Did you do R&D? What does your internal testing and/or research suggest?
    * Can you set up test to help predict?

    With your knowledge of the infrastructure, I am hope these questions help you form your own list based upon the current situation.


    Amit Kumar Ojha

    Hi Vikas,

    In other words I would say that occurrence rating which you need to enter to calculate the RPN is actually the probability of occurrence (it does not imply that the particular failure must have occurred) and hence I think Shelby has given you various methods by which you may figure out the same.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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