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    Hi All,
    Can someone help me clarify the following doubt:
    Suppose we have a painting booth. Since paint has risk of fire, in FMEA one failure mode identified was fire.
    A number of measures could be taken to prevent fire, e.g. anti-spark electrical fittings, anti-static clothing, fire safety precautions by personnel to reduce risk of occurrence of causes of fire and fire alarm to detect fire. 
    Suppose we also have a fire  extinguisher system installed. My question is what way the fire extinguisher affect the RPN? Will it reduce the severity risk?
    Also fundamentally, is fire a failure mode or effect of a failure mode?
    I will appreciate if someone could throw some light on it and clarify the concepts.
    Best Regards,



    The blue bar to the left under Tools and Templates has several articles that might address your questions, especially:  FMEA: Preventing a Failure Before Any Harm Is Done
    Know you can set your FMEA anyway you want in terms of its organization….one common practice is to use each process step in your PMAP as a starting point in your FMEA, identying its function (eg what is the process step Y?) and how it can fail to in that function (process step red x´s).  Keeping the time order in mind helps:
    Process Step #1 > Function > Failure Modes > Effects > Etc.
    Primer Application > Smooth Even Coating > Clogged Nozzle > Uneven Coating > etc.



    Primer application > smooth even coating >  raging inferno > stop drop and roll > etc.



    Fire is the effect – something failed to create the fire.  Here is a decent thread from 2003 – there is a response in there somewhere that gives a good example.
    There are also a mountain of articles and resources on this site – do a search in the top right for FMEA.
    The fire extinguisher system will affect the severity of the fire.  If automatic, it may be able to help detect that a fire has begun, but the detection rating would be low.



    Its possible to use Fire in more than one category in your FMEA, both failure effect and potential cause.
    You may want to do a 5Y analysis on the “fire” to figure all the reasons why fire can happen. Or at least simplify the root cause of fire for your FMEA
    The fire extinguisher is a current control which reduces the risk of the effect caused by fire. Its up to you to figure out what the reduction in risk is.
    Hope this helps, I have a really good FMEA spread sheet with detailed explanations if you would like. Post Email and I will send to you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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