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    The main focus of the iSixSigma discussion forum is to create an open communication channel among all of our readers. For those new to Six Sigma as well as the experienced quality professional, having the ability to network with colleagues working in parallel fields is extremely valuable. Here are some guidelines and tips for maximizing value of the iSixSigma discussion forum for you.

    • Search before you post. Many questions have been asked on the forum before. Prior to posting, readers should make a good faith effort to determine if a similar topic has been previously discussed. For example, if you want information about Black Belt certification, search the forum for “Black Belt certification” (sans quotes) and sift through recently discussed topics. Or, do a search of iSixSigma articles or check the Six Sigma Q&A article.
    • Starting a new discussion topic. Nothing solicits forum responses more than a well thought-out problem statement (in the form of a question), accompanied by as much data as possible. For example, if you’re looking for help setting up a data collection plan, describe the process, data to be collected, factors that will come into play, etc. The more information you provide, the more likely someone is to respond. If the issue is clearly stated, it may even be highlighted in one of the iSixSigma newsletters with circulation of more than 40,000 professionals worldwide – a sure bet you’ll receive the input you need. [start a discussion]
    • Stay on topic. Replies should be answers to the original question. Try not to create sub-conversations in a thread as it complicates reading and really doesn’t belong in the thread. If you have a discussion topic that was suggested from reading a thread, start a new discussion topic.
    • Be considerate to others. It should go without saying that you should treat others as you would like to be treated. iSixSigma community moderators are authorized to edit or delete anything deemed rude, obnoxious or abusive but we’re not here to moderate squabbling. If you have a differing viewpoint, either defend your position or ignore the others.
    • Do not abuse the forum. Do not post under multiple screen names in order to support your position. Do not try to deceive. Do no harm. We track information associated with each post and abuse will not be tolerated. Moderators have the ability to ban users from posting to the discussion forum entirely.
    • Do not promote products, services or businesses on the discussion forum. The iSixSigma discussion forum is not a medium for user or business advertising or self-promotion. (Note: This includes linking to your own content found elsewhere.) Do not use signatures – you may include as much biographical and promotional (including contact information) that you like in your User Profile. Violators will have their post removed and could be banned from further postings.
    • Do not post open jobs or positions on the discussion forum. Instead, post them on the iSixSigma JobShop. In addition, we do not allow resumes to be posted to the discussion forum (you can do it in the Job Seeker section). We realize that many iSixSigma readers need new career challenges, but the discussion forum is not the appropriate vehicle to advertise your skills.
    • Do not post surveys to the discussion forum. If you wish to reach our to our audience, please consider our paid advertising options.

    A Few Words About Spam

    Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE or “spam”) can occur when users reveal their email addresses and others use them for personal gain. Although iSixSigma asks for an email address to notify you of follow-on messages (if you check the box), we do not reveal your email address to anyone. If you feel the need to reveal it, at least break it up or modify it so automated email harvest programs cannot capture it (for example, myname @ emailhost dot com) but people can easily decipher it.

    If you have any other tips for discussion forum users, please feel free to send them to us.

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    There are a couple of regular posters who are rude and impatient in this forum, hiding behind internet anonymity. The whole Open Forum environment is affected by them — woe betide the person who posts a question not to their liking. The poster will receive a tongue-lashing the likes of which most of us haven’t received since we wrecked Dad’s station wagon. Really – who needs it? We’re adults. The forum doesn’t belong to THEM. It’s called an “open” forum for a reason. Please do something about these bullies before this “open” forum becomes a turnoff to the rest of us. I’d be sorry to see it become nothing more than an echo chamber between a handful of angry and inappropriate posters. Signing off and while awaiting the nuclear flameballs sure to be thrown at me for my temerity to bring up this uncomfortable situation.


    Chris Seider

    Blogs can turn ugly but my skin has thickened over the years.

    I always welcome questions/comments except when they are just “homework questions” OR people selling product fairly obviously to me. Katie the forum monitor has a tough job and balances comments fairly well. My fellow posters will tend to blast homework posters and I’ll tend to comment about those hawking products/services blatantly.

    The homework posters would do much better if they posed a homework question and then conjectured an answer with a reason why A, B, or C was chosen. My two cents.

    Welcome @matr to, truly.


    Katie Barry

    @matr — We have a range of visitors to the forum and with that comes a range of personalities. We do moderate; I give warnings, edit posts and even remove members if required. And when people post homework questions or ask questions that are easily answered with a simple site search, I do my best to jump in immediately and direct them appropriately. I’m sorry if you feel that you need to stay away from the forum. There is a great depth of knowledge shared among our community members.

    You are always welcome to tag me in a post @katiebarry or email editor (at) isixsigma (dot) com with more specific concerns or suggestions for ways in which we can improve the user experience.


    Ken Feldman

    @matr Despite your “fears”, your honest comments and concerns are appreciated. In your post you mentioned that you consider this forum to be an “open forum”. If you truly believe that to be so, then why do you wish to direct it to what is comfortable for you? Do you see an inconsistency to your comments? You advocate an “open forum” yet want to censure those posts that you don’t approve of. As @cseider commented and @katiebarry reinforced, much of the “tongue lashing” is reserved for those that abuse the intent of the Forum, try to hawk products/services or try to sling BS. You may have noticed that some of the “bullies” also spend considerable time formulating detailed responses and willingly share their experiences and knowledge. But there is also an obligation for Posters to understand the expectations and “rules” of the Forum so that they elicit helpful responses rather than “flameballs”. You are correct, we are all adults but even adults require some course corrections once in a while. I personally welcome you to the Forum and hope that you will jump in and contribute your knowledge and experience. And please don’t assume that the “bullies” are just angry old men with no lives. They are teachers, educators and highly successful Practioners who have been in the business for many decades. Maybe they are starting to emulate Dr. Deming rather than Dr. Phil.

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