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    I would like to hear from BB’s who have been in the role for about 2+ years as to what their experiences have been with Six Sigma implementations ..
    I have been a BB for about 3 years now and have changed jobs twice since then.. wherever I have practised Six Sigma I have observed that this finally has become a numbers game where all that matters is how much savings you have been able to show rather than the Quality of projects that you implement.
    It leaves me absolutely frustrated to see how such an valuable initiative can just degenerate into a mindless and absolutely ridiculous initiative..
    I would like to know how people have managed to cope with this .. cause the one thing that I have learnt is that changing jobs is not the solution
    Cheers and have a terrific day fellas


    Mike Carnell

    You seem to be missing a fundemental concept. You are in a business environment and the context of decision making is business criteria – Return on Investment (ROI). That is measured in terms of money.
    Initially when we deployed at Motorola we weren’t held to tight financial reporting. Maybe we just Forrest Gumped our way to some pretty successful stuff because there have been several articles written on companies that made bad business decisions based only on defect data. Intentionally blinding yourself in one eye, whether it is running on defects only or money only isn’t going to get you to optimization (if I was allowed only one metric it would be cycle time). Even that will not let you make the correct business decision in all situations. There is synergy between the metrics.
    If you really believe it has degenerated to a “mindless and absolutely ridiculous initiative” and you are frustrated, stop jumping from one job to another, stop whining to people who cannot change the situation (your post makes it look like you just want some people to commiserate with) and take some ownership of your program and move it in the direction you believe it needs to go. Nobody will spoon feed you nirvana. It is your program – you need to do something about it.
    Have you created some type of alternative to the current program? Have you discussed the “shortcommings with fellow BB’s? Have you…. (you fill in the blank with some options – if you can’t come up with some you may have identified part of the problem). SS is not a spectator sport. It is for people who are willing to get involved. People who are willing to take a little risk to make things better. If you are just looking for a comfortable bump free ride you have selected the wrong discipline.
    I used to work for a guy named Marty Rayl. He kept a mirror hanging on the wall of his office. When we would show up in the “poor me” state we never got coddled. In most situations he would walk us over to the mirror and let us look at the cause of the problem.
    These are just my opinion. I could be wrong.
    Good luck.



    Welcome back Mike!  I totally agree with you. 
    My additional advice to Poornima would be that if your efforts to make changes are consistently shut down, maybe it is time to move on……After all, to be happy as an individual, you should make sure the organizational values system are in line with your own.
    My 2 cents.
    Patch (Formerly Patrick)


    Mike Carnell

    Thanks. It is always interesting to see what direction things have taken when you are gone for a while.
    I agree with you as well. If the organization is completely dedicated to window dressing then its time to get out of Dodge. I think you should make a serious effort to change it before you pull the plug. When you accept pay from a company you owe them something.


    muralidhar chaturvedi

    you are not alone in this boat,i have similer experience,probably many organisations have not understud what is six sigma,i suggest you refer six sigma hand book,guide for greenbelts,blackbelt&managers at all level,(the chapater on organistional praperdness for six sigma)and new managirel grid by robart blake,it may help you a lot
    Ex Black belt

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