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    Hi all,I am currently working on a project on Customer Service Representatives (CSR) reduction for a back-office process. Can anyone help me by identifying the important points I should keep in mind when doing such a project? It’s an insurance back-office process which is completely a data entry process.Thanks in advance.RegardsPSM



    Hi PSM: 
    First of All you need to do
    1)VOC for your particular process…may be you can ask your Boss to input some data here as he may be in direct touch with your end customer etc.
    2)Identify CTQ from VOC data in front of you ..
    3)you need to identify the problems in the process(can be done by analysing as is process map)
    4) Analyse the cycle time of your process
    5) Do some Brain storming for your process problem.
    **6)Please use DMAIC phase for arriving at statistically feasible solution.
    **Please let me know some more details of your current process…ie..number of people in the process…time taken to complete the activity etc.
    Also Can you let me know what are the criterias for doing a GB/BB project for your Company is ?
    I can be contacted at [email protected] if you need some help.
    Anand Mehta



    Hello PSM,
    To my mind you have to look for a lot of things :-
    What is the purpose of doing this project , having clarity on why. While doing a Six Sigma project on reduction of FTE’s if you have strong business case you could look for a lot of things
    a) 1st start looking things in terms of Standard Deviations rather than averages while measuring key metrics, this helps you unhide the players who are not being productive and gives you a far better clarity on where people are
    b) Look into the staffing model, how did you arrive at your staffing is the staffing just on peaks….. Maybe by making shift changes you may be able to utilize your resources better
    c) Look into their Net Production worth since its a data process are they being utilized as per the Industry standard.
    d) Can part time model be applied to the business as the bottom line is to reduce cost
    e) Cross Training with other processes, will help you leverage on valleys of other processes which may have high affinity with your business unit
    f) Automation opportunities if possible
    g) Do Process Mapping to understand how many handoffs are their in the process
    h) Process re gineering to reduce steps in the process
    i) Controlling the attrition rate that will also help you to reduce FTE’s as to mymind you must be staffing for attrition
    We can talk more … Let me know if you need more help .



    Can you expand on what “attrition rate” means?  And what do you mean by “staffing for attrition”?  I’ve done a little searching on the interenet but can’t find a good definition for this context.

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