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    I have two questions on Gage R & R. 
    1.  We have a new measurment tool that is associated with laser power levels.  I would like to perform a gage to understand the error associated with the equipment and setup of that equipment.  My issue is that this doesnt fall into the standard format of Gage R & R that I have been exposed to in the past.  10 parts, 3 operators, 3 measurements for a total of 90 data points.  I can visualize an equipment error and a operator error based on the set up, but I dont really have unique part.  Does the Gage apply in this unique circumstance?  Is the another analysis of variance technique that would be better?
    2.  My second question is on the plain jane Gage R & R.  How are the K factors that are used in the equation of AV, PV and EV calculated?  In the past, I used a look up table thats dependent on the number of trials, operators, components.

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