Gage RnR for Supplier Certification

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    Yan Cardineau

    Greetings, I am certifying a part from a supplier, the point is thta every part has more than 16 measurable characteristics within. Any of you have an idea of how many characteristics do I need to select from the total (what if the 16 are important?). What the theory says ?
    I already completed the Gage RnR for the 16 and it is a mess…


    Jered Horn

    If the Gauge R&R says you have a, or multiple, bad
    gauge(s)… STOP!!!! and fix the gauge(s) first.When you are certifying a part, you should measure
    the customer’s (yours, in this case) critical
    characteristics. Not necessarily every measurable
    characteristic. If they are all critical, you
    should measure them all, at an appropriate
    frequency, until capability can be demonstrated.BUT NOT UNTIL YOU HAVE A GOOD GAUGE.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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