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    Hello everyone,

    Since a study of gage R&R provides conclusion on the capability of an instrument to measure.
    Is there a method that runs a study on, for example 4 instruments, and at the end, permits to know how many of them aren’t capable to measure according our wish, and to distinguish which ones of them aren’t capable ?

    Sorry for possible english mistakes.



    You could use the gage R and R (crossed) in Minitab and substitute the gages for the operators. That is provided you are confident that the operators are not contributing to the error, or you have already quantified their influence. You could also do 4 type one studies for precision and bias on each suspected device.




    I’m the poster.
    Thank you for your response !
    Indeed, in my case the impact of the difference between operators isn’t felt. So I will substitute the operators by the the gages.


    Chuck White

    Minitab also has an Expanded Gage R&R that allows one or more additional factors. In your case it sounds like the suggestion from @schtipp is workable, but if you have a case where you want to include both operators and gages, you can use Gage R&R Study (Expanded) and put the gage ID in as an additional factor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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