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    Picture this – it’s late in the evening, I’m doing some work on a production line churning out finished goods, I want to check the weight of the product (let’s say target weight is 18 grams).
    There is only 1 operator and myself (2 people in total to perform measurements) on the line and I want to do a gage R&R on the scales with the product that is being made. All Minitab help pages talk about doing Gage R&Rs with 3 people as operators (and with 10 parts and 2 sets of measurements per part -> 60 measurements altogether). As we are only 2 people, what are the risks of doing this with 2 operators (40 measurements) instead of 3?
    Will the results still be valid?
    Can the results be mitigated with more than 2 sets of measurements per part (is this even needed?).

    Thank you for your insights


    Chris Seider

    Good question that’s queried often!

    You realize production occurs when you or the other person isn’t around? You should get a good sample of folks that use the gage as your “operators”.


    Mike Carnell

    @daftfirth The short answer is yes you can do it with less than 3 but it does have to be more than 1 (there is no reproducibility if you only have 1 operator).

    You might consider this for your study. You said it was a scale. There probably isn’t much of an operator effect (Thinking table top scale if this is a large scale this isn’t true)unless people are throwing heavy objects on the scale from across the room. If this is a table top with a digital readout go grab someone out of the breakroom who has never seen the scale and use them. If there is a serious issue with method of operation the operator to operator issue should show up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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