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Topic Gage R&R with 2 Operators (Rather Than 3)

Gage R&R with 2 Operators (Rather Than 3)

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    Picture this – it’s late in the evening, I’m doing some work on a production line churning out finished goods, I want to check the weight of the product (let’s say target weight is 18 grams).
    There is only 1 operator and myself (2 people in total to perform measurements) on the line and I want to do a gage R&R on the scales with the product that is being made. All Minitab help pages talk about doing Gage R&Rs with 3 people as operators (and with 10 parts and 2 sets of measurements per part -> 60 measurements altogether). As we are only 2 people, what are the risks of doing this with 2 operators (40 measurements) instead of 3?
    Will the results still be valid?
    Can the results be mitigated with more than 2 sets of measurements per part (is this even needed?).

    Thank you for your insights

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    Good question that’s queried often!

    You realize production occurs when you or the other person isn’t around? You should get a good sample of folks that use the gage as your “operators”.

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    @daftfirth The short answer is yes you can do it with less than 3 but it does have to be more than 1 (there is no reproducibility if you only have 1 operator).

    You might consider this for your study. You said it was a scale. There probably isn’t much of an operator effect (Thinking table top scale if this is a large scale this isn’t true)unless people are throwing heavy objects on the scale from across the room. If this is a table top with a digital readout go grab someone out of the breakroom who has never seen the scale and use them. If there is a serious issue with method of operation the operator to operator issue should show up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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