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Topic Gage R&R With Two Different Torque Devices

Gage R&R With Two Different Torque Devices

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    I have a question about Gage R&R for Torque devices. I know that Gage R&R is for devices that would be used to verify a process, but I thought I could use the test in a different way. Here is what I am proposing.

    I have 2 different types of torque devices. A Snap-on torque wrench and a DC transducerized Torque Tool. I also have one mounted table top torque analyzer good. My plan is to conduct an R&R with the wrench by changing the torques on the wrench to represent different different parts. For example setting 1 is 10 in/lbs, setting 3 is 30 in/lbs, etc. I would have 3 people do 10 different “parts” (torque settings). Then I would do all of that 3 times.

    I would do the above mentioned R&R for the snap on, and one for the DC tool. From there I was planning on comparing the Standard Deviation found in the experiments against each other. My question is this. What would comparing the standard deviations tell me?



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    another bump. Anyone got any input?

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    Ok, one last bump and I’ll leave it alone. Does anyone have any advice?



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    Hi there,

    I’m not an expert but I would like to help you thinking in this problem. I think that you can do R&R for each Torque device and see if they’re OK.

    However, first I would try same part for each torque device and I would compare mean and standard deviation using Hypothesis Test. So you will be able to see if they’re different or not. If the means are different, you can try to calibrate your torque devices. If they aren’t different you have a chance that they’re both not calibrated.


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    @joelcwilson – when you say “snap on” torque wrench is that the brand or type (type being that you continue to exert torque force until the head “clicks”, these are called click-type torque wrenches where I am from)?

    That said, your question was – “What would comparing the standard deviations tell me?” The only thing it would tell you is which system had less overall variation. Whether that variation was acceptable or not would not be settled.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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