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    Hi bloggers,

    I am going to start Green Belt theory and certification soon and planning on getting my black belt. I am concerned that an organization will not want an outsider mentoring a project that will have sensitive information directly relating to their company.

    How do you get around that with an employer?
    If you need to do a project or two to get proper certification (mr miyagi style) can the certification provider, provide an internal case or two for the candidates?

    Meaning you dont need to do a real life project with your current organization you can do a project that is provided by the issuer?/




    Some certifying bodies allow you to do a simulated project, that they provide, but I can’t recommend that. To get around the sensitive information issue you’ll need for you, the company, and the certifying body to sign non-disclosure agreements. It can be done but it’s a royal pain. An alternative is to do a project for a non profit. A few years ago my ASQ section did one for a local charity as our annual service project. None of us used it for certification but we could have since it was successful and well documented.


    Mike Carnell

    @Raiden I have had several Belts on projects over the years that have Top Secret classifications. Normally what they do is code the data before I am allowed to see it. I was never allowed to take anything into the conference room with me such as a computer, cell phone, memory stick, etc.

    As Strayer said you want at least NDA’s in place. Security clearances are a whole different level but you still need them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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