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    I am new to Six Sigma & to this forum in particualr.
    I want to do a Green Belt project for one of the processes that i have offshored from my clients.It is a typical back end processing work supporting  IT functions perfomred on the clients site.I am looking at performing this project as a part of the GB certification that i have applied for in my organisation.( i believe that i will get asssistance & training from a Black Belt within the organisation). My main intention of doing this project is to see if there are any Process Improvement ideas that i can come up with – either to improve the Quality of work performed or to reduce the Turnaround time/Effort taken to perform the tasks.
    As a part of migration activity, i have performed the DMAIC set of activities,though i did not realise it then.However, i have to admit that i have not spent much time on the Improve & Control aspect,something that i would like to defently work on in the GB project.
    Am i on the right track.Is there any websites/books that i should refer to. I am probably looking for something like ” Six Sigma for Dummies”



    Hello AB,
    I have a very complete book reference list that I can forward to you. There are many books out there that speak to the various tools, the simple ones you may want to review are the reference guidebooks by Goal/QPC check out the memory joggers.
    Having a Black Belt mentor will be very helpful in using some of the tools and when. One thing you may want to look into are some of the Lean tools such as VSM (value stream mapping) and Setup Reduction methods for a generic pull or workflow control system. These tools address speed (turn-around) issues more specifically than the six sigma tools applied in the improve phase of the project.
    For a reference list – contact me at [email protected]
    Steven Bonacorsi 



    Brilliant !
    Thank you very much for the advice Steve !
    I’ll contact you on your email id for the ref list.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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