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    Hello All,        I am working as Master Black Belt for Tata Consultancy Services, India. I have one interesting example for you all :One of my GB has raised a GB project with goal statement “Reduce the number of XYZ application outages”. Defect opportunity was not properly defined but Defect was defined as “Each outage is a defect”.Other than making “Number of defetcs per month” as project Y measure, I wanted a better continuous data to work with. I converted the CTQ by using a software reliability metric called MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures).Project Y : MTBFGoal : To increase MTBF to atleast 6 months.Now the question is how and when do I close the project in Control phase ? Two concerns :1. I need to have defects to measure process capability2. I need to wait atleast 6 months to see whether my target is met or not :-((Do you suggest something from your experience, how do we handle the situation like these ? Any emperical formula or practice or hypothesis ??Thanks.Pallab.   



    How & When you know each outage is a defect?
     Can you explain when an outage becomes a(u call it as defect) defect?
    what is the mean time to carry out an outage (application)?
    Does application has any process of  (Entries) / steps as an outage?
    pls reply …so that I can help you out.
    One more Why your calling it as a GB project any metrics or scope of improvement can you brief me on….



        I do not think you got my  question. We need to improve the current application by reducing the frequency of outages. Generally for various reasons it goes down atleast once each month and this has been happening since last one year.
    This improvement opportunity has been taken up as a GB project with DMAIC rigor.


    Mannu Thareja

    Hi Pallab,
    I am not able to understand ur problem statement completely but I can try to answer ur Questions:
    Q:  I need to have defects to measure process capability
    Q: I need to wait atleast 6 months to see whether my target is met or not
    Ans: Lets take a software example as u r in TCS. You would be having a Customer CTQ say Defect free product. For having a Defect free product you will drill dwn ur Customer CTQ to  Internal CTQ say Increase Review Efficiency, Train the emplyees … etc.. For achieving Internal CTQ, u would further drill it down to Project CTQ say  85% Phase Containment or Defect Containment.. etc…
    What my mean to say is that break ur Big Y into smaller measurable Y’s and run a project on that Y. But offcource this small Y would have more frequency of defects. For example Phase containment can be measured at the end of every phase.
    This u can do by using the tool CTQ drill down.
    You dont have to wait till the end the project to see whether ur target has been achieved or not, you have to define the definition of defect in such a way that u can have more data points… Say u want to improve the productivity… U can measure the productivity month wise (1 data point /month) … the same productivity can be measured week wise (4 data point per week) …. or on a daily basis also ( 5 data points/week).
    Say u have 5 team members working in a team… that means (5*5= )25 datapoints u can generate for productivity per week!!!.
    Hope this gives u a direction to move.



           I am late to reply. I understand what you are saying, but be more specific to my case. I have selected MTBF as Y measure. You can not break this any further. For such kind of a measure we have to wait for atleast one cycle(6 month) to prove the improvement. What you say ?



    Hi Pallab,
    I just noticed this post and I realize that it’s almost 6 months and your GB project is due for completion :-))..
    If it was before 6 months, I was wondering if you could find the potential causes that contributed to failures with pareto diagram and make the potanital cause as the “Y” .By doing this I thought you might be able exhibit more control towards time constraints.
    If your project is completed by now, pls let us know the status..jes curious :-)
    just a thought…
    Best wishes,

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