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    I would appreciate if anyone can lemme know the Green Belt certification details.
    I did search thru the Net to find literally n number of certifications avilable.
    Please guide me as to which one will return the best and recognized in Software industry.



    I personally do not believe in certifications by passing the exams conducted by any of the reputed institution (Especially those in Asia). Certification only certifies “Knowledge” and not “Results”. “Be recognized for what you accomplish, not for a “piece of paper” on the wall that says you passed some certification exam”.
    But let this not be the discouraging factor for you. I truly appreciate your interest in Six Sigma. And a “Certification” can be a very good “Personal motivator” for you.
    I can recommend Green Belt Certifications from ASQ, BMG and from Thomas Pzydek’s institute.
    Particularly in Software field, it is your results that should be documented, not what you know – your clients (mostly Internal, i.e., Senior Management) will be much more appreciative of the former. Document your achievements, not your six sigma knowledge “. Please note that applying Six Sigma in software is many times challenging than in manufacturing industry.
    All the Best!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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