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    Donald Rybarczyk

    Executive Management has stated their desire to grow Lean Six Sigma talent within the organization nationwide, but progress has been spotty at best. I see this as an opportunity for the Ohio region to help set standards, develop procedures, reports, and take a leadership position within the organization in this matter.
    Currently, I am the only trained person within the Ohio region and I am looking for ideas on how to jump start interest in the subject matter within the region as Ohio management is neutral to the effort. I know the best way is to have upper management actively support a Lean Six Sigma effort, but I currently do not have that luxury.

    I plan on holding some “Lunch and Learn” sessions talking about what Six Sigma is, the history of Six Sigma, and a overview of Lean concepts in a effort to grow interest from the grass roots. But beyond that I do not have any other ideas….

    If you have found yourself fin a similar position I would love to hear from you.



    Since this is Ohio, you need to remember there will be graduates of THE Ohio State University.

    Talk slow.



    Nothing sells like success. Until you can point to a few projects that really helped the bottom line and got accolades from the execs don’t expect many people to get excited. Do one of these for your region.



    Hi Karma;

    First get folks on your side who are excited about LSS, and show them what it can do. I wouldn’t waste any money on lunch and learn, most of them will only come to eat, ask some good questions just to look important, and they are gone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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