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    Drop me an email at [email protected], and I’ll send you some materials that should be helpful.


    Mauraan Schultz

    I am new to the Six Sigma philosophy.  Does anyone have any good suggestions on where to start to understand Six Sigma? Books? Websites? Etc.?
    Much thanks!
    M C Schultz


    Jaran S

    You should attend Six Sigma course.
    I suggest Black Belt Course ( if you really want deep understanding)
    I suggest book as the following :
    1. Implementing Six Sigma , John Wiley & Sons INC
    2. managing Six Sigma ,  John Wiley & Sons INC
    3. KBM (see
    4. Basic Staitstic (see
    5. Understand Industrail designed experiment (see
     For website I search from
    after that I search for Six Sigma from google.
    Then you will many Six Sigma website
    Jaran S.


    Ray Dunn

    You can look at  for lots of information.


    Ted U.

    Yeah, I bet it’s useful…buy you have to sign in to view anything on the six sigma forum. How inclusive is that?


    yanto sugiharto

    May be better for you to know and start six sigma program, meet with someone know deeply six sigma and read from the article or book about experienced six sigma program at the company


    John McTaggart

    Like yourself, I am relatively new to Six Sigma, having commenced a Black Belt training program 4 weeks ago. My employer is a Queensland (Australia) based Finance and Insurance company which has contracted the Six Sigma Academy to introduce and train Six Sigma. I first heard about Six Sigma eight months ago and found  “Six Sigma – The Breakthrough Management Strategy” by Mikel Harry an excellent source of information. The book is also available on cassette or CD. I’d be happy to share my experiences and knowledge (limited!) with you, from an Australian perspective involved with one of the first Australian based companies to undertake a Six Sigma program. You can email me at [email protected]


    Jim Haske

    You should check out;  they have lots of six sigma material as well as tools for the individual areas such as DOE, QFD, TRIZ, FMEA, SPC, etc.  They have books, software, and also training and are very helpful.



    I find that I can spend hours in Barnes and Nobles. I want to ensure they are written well, and I can use the information. Plus, I don’t want to buy a “pig in a poke”. I have done training and written manuals so I know what I want to see. It is not only the information, but the readability and good examples of key points.  Plus if you have gone for any training, the company or consultant generally will recommend books. Caution-if they wrote them they may recommend them and they may or may not meet your needs. I have received a couple of free copies from authors and don’t use them much. I would recommend that you reveiw, before you buy.
    Websites: provides articles on a wealth of Six Sigma subjects as well as a virtual discussion area devoted to Six Sigma topics.

    American Society for Quality – ASQ offers a wide range of resources, including information on certification and standards

    Industry Week benchmarking database:

    National Institute of Standards and Technology:

    The American Production and Inventory Control Society offers information on supply chain management, including an on-line magazine:

    The National Association of Purchasing Managers – http://www.NAPM.ORG

    An excellent statistics handbook is available free online from a partnership of SEMATECH and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology – U.S. Commerce Department) at
    Good luck.



    The KBM Book (Knowledge Based Management) by the Air Academy Associates is simple and basic.
    Good luck!

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