Good While it Lasted: BMGI Removes Their Free LSS Content

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    Proof that all good (or in this case, insanely great) things must come to an end…

    A few years ago, BMGI started offering their online course modules for free: over 65 hours of well produced, top quality interactive courses that went up to an excellent standard for a Lean Six Sigma blackbelt. The material was superb and many of my clients saved hundreds of thousands in course fees by simply using this free content and structuring their own internal programs from it.

    Well, it’s over now: not sure when it exactly went off air but it was likely less than 4 months ago: the site now asks you to contact them for licencing.

    Of course, this was a great run and everyone who took advantage of it should be thankful, but just shows that sometimes, you can’t be too generous in a tough commercial world.

    Fingers crossed that some time down the track, we get another run…


    Ashley Leonzio

    @bozzor, did you know BMGI rebranded to “Lean Methods Group”? I still see a lot of free content here:



    Hi and thanks – no, was not aware of the re-branding: checked out the link, some good material there but the key online training links back to BMGI and the is gone. I suspect the content is now on the BMGI Lean Six Sigma eLearning DVD – on Amazon for $15,000. Somewhat of a price hike but a more proper reflection of the true value of what they used to offer for free.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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