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        I am new to this forum. Can anyone guide me which are the organisations who are giving Green Belt training in India.
    Is it compulsory for green belt certification course the company has to nominate the person who will go for that course of if the person desires he can register without company nominating ?
    I will be very greateful if any one give me more information .



    You may want to visit this list of companies within India:
    Most, if not all, will help with green belt training. Again, most will not require anything particular from your company, but with green belt there is much more ambiguity in what is required from company to company. Determine what’s right for you (personally) after doing your due diligency on the alternatives.



    Hi Ajit!
    I am in chennai.There is no hard and fast rule.There are six sigma institutes which offers green belt and BB training.You dont have to be authorized by your company to do these courses.these insts will assign a project for you and on completion of the course and project, you will be certified by the institute.
    but let me tell you the best way to go : if your company is quality intensive and are already on good six sigma projects, the best thing would be to go and join with the existing team and get the green belt training inhouse.the advantage is, the training will be customized to suit the project you acrry out and the training and project would be in perfect sync(for instance you might have 2 days training and 1 week implementation project work).This kind of training will benefit you than a stretch of 1 month training and then a project just for the sake of certification.
    But, if you find your company doesnt encourage you in this, you can do a green belt course and then go and tell them you are green belt certified.the cahnces then for you to get into real time projects is high.
    There are institutes like BMS,ISI in india who are training on GB and BB
    I am also in the same stream.Propably we can be of help to each email is [email protected]



    hi kris and ajit,
    Its really nice to know that you guys are interested in the Six Sigma training. Well I am also one of you guys who is looking forward t get my self certified, I have worked on many Six Sigma Projects at an international level and have a clear concepts of building and completing the projects. But sadly I too am not certified Professional. I am Staying in NewDelhi and my email is [email protected].
    As far as i have come across the intitutions for six sigma training, Motorola is providing a good training for the same.
    For kris the Email Address explains that he is working for DELL, and if thats true Kris, I am glad to inform you that i am also working for DELL.
    Please keep in touch through the above Email Address.
    Looking forward to your reply/ Please make sure that u forward a copy of reply to my email Address.
    with regards,


    jitender arora

    hi Guys,
    I am a new swimmer but am determined to make it big on this stage. Could anyone please let me know where to start with and what documents can i refer for the same.
    Shalabh if you read this please reply at [email protected]
    I have lost all touch with you ..
    Thanks and Regards


    jitender arora

    Hi Shalabh,
    I would like to know if you are the same person who was working with me in EXL Services, noida
    jitender arora

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