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    I am seeking benchmark data on internal certification requirements companies have adopted as their standards for their internal certs.Please feel free to send me any info you can on the criteria you use.Thanks,Bob Mitchell


    Black belt certification is acheived in my company when the blackbelt has run projects which save in excess of $350,000 and have trained 5 green belts


    We are actually identifying these requirements for our Green Belts right now.  We have decided that Green Belts need to finish two successful projects before they are considered certified.  Our criteria for successful is not how much money they saved, but how well they were able to use and apply the Six Sigma tools and skills from Define to Control (or Verify in a DMADV project).


    We require a Black Belt to complete 2 projects @ over $150k each ( Verified by Money Belts) and MBB review to insure the Six Sigma Process has been used correctly. They must also complete 4 weeks of Training and or have ASQ certification as a Black Belt already. Additionally they must have taught Green Belt training to at least 1 class and mentored at least 10 Green Belts on BB or GB projects that have been completed and certified.
    Green Belts must complete 2 weeks of training. Completed at least 1 GB Project ( usually $20K) and or worked on a completed BB project. They must have also been approved by the BB in charge of mentoring them as knowlagable in the DMAIC Process .
    Hope this helps,


    Our company certifies Black Belts’ after

    completion of 4 week training program and succesful completion of test at the conclusion of the training
    Completion of at least 2 projects to closure and financial control
    Certification of at least 5 Green Belts (requirements below)
    At least $300,000 (post Tax) validated benefits
    Green Belts

    Training on Methodology and completion of test
    Participation in project which has gone through financial control


    I realize we have to start somewhere with “new” certification efforts, but the threads seem to indicate there is no central group facilitating the belt concept.
        In karate, the progression is well defined from belt to belt (the body of knowledge is defined, the skill to be demonstrated to get to each level and the amount of time at each level is set forth). 
        What is the Six Sigma Body of Knowledeg (BOK)? I’ve seen green, brown and black and master black belt efforts, so why do some companies have brown belts and others do not?  The threads seem to vary widely on criteria to get certified.   What is the consensus on money to save to become certified?  What is it for demonstration of skills learned in class and/or on the project brought to class?  Why be a green belt before being a black belt?  Why be a black belt before training and certifying in a Master Black Belt course/project.
      My feeling is that the Six Sigma community isn’t organized on defining the BOK, skills needed, “time in grade” etc. 
         Does anyone know of a nationally or internationally recognized organization that would be willing to sponsor a concerted effort to resolve all the above issues to establish a recognized BOK and a recognized “career ladder” for six sigma candidates?


    PMP organized project management to follow a specific Body of Knowledge.  It’s great for some industries but does not fit for others.  The PMBOK is largely based on one person’s view of Project Management.  Which the test is also(this is just my opinion no facts to back it up)  I would hate to see SS go in the same direction.  Certification is great but it’s usless unless a company internalizes SS.
    I would like to see it evolve more before someone creates certification standards.


    I would also like to see it evolve more.  SS is only effective if the entire organization adopts it.  Then it becomes most effective when it is tailored to facilitate the accomplishment of the organizational goals.  With this in mind, I believe it is not practical for any one body  to set in stone standards that do not apply universal. (all industries)  I personally enjoy using SS to generate revenue, where some one else is keen on cost cutting!  The flexibility involved in SS is what makes it effective and fun.


    I, too, would be very interested in seeing a consensus on BOK for Green and Black Belts. I teach a qulaity management course (senior – level, business school)with the hopes of getting to the Green Belt knowledge level at the end of the course. But – who knows – ! without a BOK that’s standard, I am guessing.


    Which is the book (title and author) you use for teaching the QM course to the senior-level students?


    At present I use Summers – Quality – 3rd edition with some additional material from Evans and Lindsay. I am not completely satisfied with that approach and am writing my own book Quality Management – A Six Sigma Approach. Hope to have it done in 2003.


    Another crappy book about a fad


    If that’s what you think – why do you bother to come to this site?


    Are you saying that I have to embrace every piece of drivel written about this?


    Of course you don’t have to embrace every book written.  It would be nice if you actually read them before making editorial comments though.  That would mean actually having DATA to back your statements.  Surely you’ve heard that somewhere before.


    I have been implementing SS for years now, and I have watched it grow.  A BOK of standards is nice.. But who’s to say one standard fits all industries..  Because of the flexibility involved in SS, it can be utilized in various industries over time..  Any attempt to remove the flexibility and set a catch all standard would not be Six Sigma!:)  Besides I would love to be the CEO of the organization governing standards and issuing internationally recognized certifications..  Wouldn’t you?


    You may want to take this at face value only because I am not a Black Belt.  First of all, “Variation of standards governing process variation”.  I find that amusing.  I do not believe there should be a variation of standards.  I do believe that variation should exist to reach the standard.  What does this mean?  If the goal is zero defects, use the path most knowledgable to get there.  (If you dont possses sufficient knowledge, obtain it.) Does this mean we fixed the problem at 4.5 DPM?  No, it means we need to again raise the bar. 
    Up until the last 8 years our so, our VOC said 10PPM was world class, now its 4.  When we reach 4, do you really think we should stop.  In short, if you demand a standard, make it high… Zero Customer Returns, Zero inspection defects, Zero in-process defect, etc.


    There’s a company called Six Sigma Qualtec based in Arizona. They provide training and certification for Master Black, Black, Green, & Yellow Belts. They merged a few years ago with another sigma company to form SSQ. You receive CEU’s for college credit when a course is completed along with a certification when a project is completed. They are moving towards setting a standard for belt certification and from what I’ve seen they’re being successful.


    This conversation sure has drifted a long way from the point of my query.. I’ll try again.  
    “I am seeking benchmark data on internal certification requirements companies have adopted as their standards for their internal certs.
    Please feel free to send me any info you can on the criteria you use.
    Bob Mitchell”


    Sorry Bob, I should not have started in the middle of a conversation. (I will start from the beginning from now on) For what its worth: In TPS training we identified over 60 training programs from SPC to visual control.  We did not have colored belt levels, we used training cards.  This allowed anyone from any department to participate in any program.  If a position opened in a particular department, the training card identified that associates skills set from every dicipline taught.  I do not know if this will work SS program, I see no reason why it shouldn’t, and it would also get back to the basic principle of two belts.  Padawan and Master.  It would also inspire greater team work and not isolate “us” traniners from “them” teachers.  Each had their own job or task and training of their team was simply expected.  Also, if some one from the QA department didn’t already know the 7 basic tools, they should never have been in that department to begin with. 


    Joy honey, go do a search and look at all that has been written.
    Look at how many are good.
    Draw a conclusion.
    I did.


    It appears that not a lot of outlines have been presented on this item.  If the aforemention style was not appealing, perhaps designing one from scratch would be better.  It should not be a difficult task.  Start by clearing defining the role of the Green belt.  Then define all of the tools necessary to fullfill the role.  Then do the same for the other belt color levels.  To improve this, put the processes on a time line and record the necessary skills under the processess on the time line.  This will allow you to build a custom training program based on the performance expectation as well as serve as a tool to the Padawan, as to what is required of them to become a Master.  Keep in mind that each Padawan will have different background (Finance/Accounting, HR, Mfg, Eng, Q.A. etc) and allow for tests to be taken with specific inherant skills due to their position.  EX.  QA  can test out of the 7 basic QC tool, Cpk, Ppk, Xbar – R calculation, can define attribute data, etc,etc.


    Good for you.  I’ll stick by my opinion that it is better to speak from data..and will only comment (positively or negatively) on books that I have actually read.
    And unless you are my grandmother back from the dead, I’m not your honey.

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