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    Mukul Gupta

    I am planning to take 6 sigma certification exam. I have been working in quality/problem-solving field for a while and I have used some of the 6 sigma methodologies to a fair amount. I was wondering which certification to take. Green or Black? Also, can I study for black belt certification and take the green belt exam or do i specifically need to study for green belt certification to take the green belt exam? The reason i ask is that as per IASSC the difference between the green and black belt body of knowledge is only a handful of topics, its just I am not sure how the certification education goes about it.

    ANy help / advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.


    Cutler McMartin

    I just took my IASSC Yellow Belt Exam and am planing on taking the Green soon. I think that AISSC probably takes questions from the same bank over all the belts. Like if they are going over the 5S knowledge they probably have the same questions for yellow belt and black belt. The black belt probably just pulls just a little more calculation questions than the green belt and the few other topics that you have seen in the difference of the bodies of knowledge.

    Few quick points on the AISSC testing process. Bring a 4 function calculator. I didn’t, but luckily yellow belt doesn’t require heavy calculations. Procter U doesn’t give you the sheet that your allowed to have, which I believe have equations.

    Good luck on your test!



    Generally, for career and credentials, go for BB if you can qualify and know your stuff. Many employers think green belt indicates a beginner. It’s the same body of knowledge but reputable BB certifying organizations expect BB’s to have much deeper knowledge of statistics, tools, and practical application.


    Nabi Darwazeh

    Can I take BB exam without have to conduct actual study where I use statistical methodologies such DoE, SPC, RSM….?



    Since there is no central certifying organization or standards, yes you could find one that would give you a BB without doing a real-world project/study that demonstrates use and understanding of tools and methods. Please don’t. Do you really want to be a professional or just add a certification to your resume?


    Nabi Darwazeh

    If I may clarify my case, I had good number of statistics coursed while doing my Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This includes, Basics, DoE, and Regression and Correlations, Statistics for Biopharmaceuticals. Throughout my career in the pharmaceutical industry, I Implemented DoE and SPC, mostly towards manufacturing process development, and control. I believe I have enough statistics experience to conduct a project, but this will take time. Would a certificate alone be helpful for my CV.


    Alan Berow

    Depending on the certifying agency, there may be significant differences between the requirements for each. The American Society for Quality requires two projects be included in the application. Green belt and black belt assignments are different as is the knowledge needed. If you are a beginner and have the time and money, you may want to follow Cutler’s path and start with the green belt.


    Chris Seider

    i wouldnt bother with green belt cert.


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