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    SB number1

    Hi All,
    we are near completion of training the first wave of Green Belts, and we are wanting to set an exam at the end of it.
    Does anyone have any examples or know of anywhere I can get examples of GB exam  tests from ?
    Many ThanksSB


    Jered Horn

    1.      What term is a measure of the dispersion of data about the mean of a distribution?
    a. average
    b. median
    c. standard deviation
    d. mode
    2. What are the 5 phases of Six Sigma?

    Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Conclude
    Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
    Design, Manufacture, Analyze, Improve, Conclude
    Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control, Conclude
    None of the above.
    3.  True or False:
    Common cause variation is stable variation that is consistent over time.  It consists of only common cause variables.

    4. What is Z – short term?

    The Sigma Level of a process which correlates to Cpk.  It is a measure of a process’s technology capability.
    The Sigma Level of a process which correlates to Ppk.  It is a measure of a process’s control.
    The Sigma Level of a process.  It has nothing to do with process control or technology.
    5. Calculate the mean and standard deviation for the following data.  You may use Minitab if you wish.
    6. When performing a 2-sample-t test and you find a p-value < 0.05, what will you conclude?

    The two distributions’ means are equal.
    The two distributions’ variances are equal.
    The two distributions’ means are not equal.
    The two distributions’ variances are not equal.
    None of the above.
    7. Six Sigma is which of the following (choose the best answer(s)):

    A problem solving methodology
    A philosophy of operational excellence
    A statistical measure of process capability
    All of the above
    None of the above
    8. What must one do prior to performing a designed experiment or hypothesis test?

    Make sure all factor setting combinations are realistic and can be run.
    Make sure that an acceptable measurement system exists for the output variable.
    Make sure a DoE Planning Worksheet is filled out.
    All of the above.
    9. What are the two types of data?
    10. The Sigma Level for a dimension is Zst = 6.0.  What is the Cpk for that dimension?
    11. ANOVA stands for Analysis of Variance and it tests whether or not two distributions variances are equal.
    12. If you have a scrap rate of 5%, what is the associated Sigma Level (Z)?
    13. Bonus Question
    How can you apply what you’ve learned about Six Sigma to help yourself and your company?



    We utilize a oral exam covering all of the topics contained in the training material. As there is not a standard cirriculum for GB training it would be difficult to answer your question.
    The document previously posted would be appropriate if and only if you were focusing your GB training on manufacturing and statistical competence.
    We feel that GB’s are (or should be) more robust in the DMAIC methodology and have a superior understanding of when to use what tools, what the deliverables are from the DMAIC phase. Also we require the GB’s to fully comprehend the soft skills associated with running teams and making change happen.
    Unfortunately I see a lot of Six Sigma programs attempting to make GB’s statisticians and quite honestly many of the “standard statistical tools have few applications outside of the manufacturing floor.
    So once again make your exam if you wish to use one representative of the material you trained them on.

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