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    I am willing to start a Six Sigma green belt project for my company but I struggle finding relevant ideas.

    I am in a pharmaceutical QC environment, not direcly working in the lab (not lab manager) but have a more oversight on the methods and with external partners.

    Since we are implementing method trending for analytical methods (e.g define what method attribute to follow with method X, which rules to use to trend it), I was thinking about something around that; but since there is no currently a problem (since it was never implemented), I do not see it so well in the DMAIC process even so it uses lots of tools.
    Another possibility I thought about would be to do method improvement; knowing that a large part of the method cannot be changed (has been filed), and only robustness parameters could be fine tuned.

    Any suggestion from anyone?

    Thank you so much !



    I consider QC necessary waste.  If it wasn’t done right the first time it wasn’t value added.  But we can never be sure it was done right the first time unless we inspect/test.  That’s why we still need QC.  QC provides data.  I’d advise you to use that data to find sources of defects in the process.  That’s where you can have the greatest impact.  It sounds like you’re on the right track.  Don’t think DMAIC is a strict step-by-step methodology.  We need to do some MA in order to find D.


    Jam Haron

    I would start by taking  a look at what are customers (internal and external) concerns.

    Then operationally, how is actual performance with respect to key performance indicators’ and service level agreements.

    Since you are in QC environment , consider what are common non-compliance found or common errors found. Then you can embark on Six Sigma project to eliminate non-compliance and errors.


    chandra swami telgo


    I am a QA professional in pharma, worked for commercial & R&D, and I know in QC work pressure is always more hence It’s good to hear that you have  good thinking towards quality & its implementation.

    Now coming to your question for the topic of GB projects, Actually there are lots of scopes are there for quality improvement in QC also.

    Like you can go for the

    1. Solution recover & recycling project- GB/ BB

    2. Quality Impacting CRNs & its RCA, CAPA- Consolidate all,  segregate category wised- find CQAs & Initiate projects

    3. Process sigma Qualifications – BB

    4. QC working environmental sigma qualification

    5. QC performance Report & Improvement – GB/BB

    6. Machine performance Report & Improvement – GB

    7. Effective man power utilization – GB

    As per above mentioned topics you can select any or discover any based on your knowledge.

    for more you can whatsapp to me on +91 8008430391 .



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