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    Hi,As I am MBA (Finance) Graduate having a good knowledge of MS Excel and working for BPO in Finance and accounts field. Could you please help me with regard to topics and methodology of the green belt project?Thank you in advance for your help.Rbk



    Hello RBK,
    Since you are in finance and accounts field, let me give you some quick examples of meaningful green belt project in your own space. Standard DMAIC methodology to be followed for green belt project. Google search will give you loads of training materials on DMAIC.
    1. Cycle time time reduction and defect reduction for Account Payables : starting from claim submission by employee or vendor, till receipt of cheques. This is a very popular and much troubled area to focus and improve. Kind of low hanging fruit.
    2. Monthly payroll defect reduction and improve timeliness : Capture cases where pay outs were incorrect or late. Do root cause and improve. This is a very critical and sensitive area for any firm.
    Similarly you can now think of a big list of project opportunities in finance and accounting space.
    Best of luck. Share your ideas with me also. I have done both of these projects myself as Master Black Belt.
    ASQ certified CSSBB, CMQ/OE.



    I have a similar issue. I’m not currently employed and am taking a Green belt course for general knowledge. I need a project to work on. I’m looking into pro bono work for my town or non-profits. I live in Fairfield CT. Any ideas?



    Hello- am an accountant working across verticals like A/R & A/P & as rightly pointed out by you , there are indeed huge oppurtunities for process improvement in F&A . However , being a complete outsider to the 6 sigma world , wanted some info before i jump into a training programme – will lack of formal education in statistics will affect my understand of the subject. thanks…


    Robert S

    That will not necessarily limit you – especially in the services industry. Heavy statisitics are needed for high volume, multi-causal factored processes. You can gain immensely from the basics of y=f(x), critical x’s, process mapping, FMEA’s etc. Mostly process defintion and analysis tools.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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