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    What should be the scope of a Green Belt project ?


    Process Eng

    It should not be just about scope but also about the project.
    The project needs to be important to the business otherwise you will not get the support. 
    Your scope should be small enough to be completed within circa 3 months, but large enough to make a noticable change.
    It should be clear enough so not to allow for abiguity.
    It should also allow you to use the tools and not just a “go do it” project ( a project where the solution is already known and just needs implementing)
    It should allow you to have some measurable metrics in place.
    Im sure theres more, thats all i can think about off the top of my head.



    Hi Khader,
    I am usually looking for the following:
    What is the problem being addressed by this project?
    How does this affect the P+L, or the company’s strategic goals (Site wide On Time Delivery, or Improve market share, etc….) If it is going to affect the P+L, then I want to see by how much. A target.
    What is the current condition. In this one I am looking for a benchmark, where are you starting from?
    What is your goal? Don’t go for woolly goals, think about it. If you say that you want a process to perform at 100% OTD then think about if you can sustain that goal. In this particular metric, do you want to? it may mean that there is so much slack in your process that 100% OTD is easily achievable, when the customer is screaming due to the lead time being too long…. With this I am looking for what point your project will stop. A never ending story project is not what the GB program is about. Make it punchy, in about 3 months (this can vary from company to company) and expect it to be more involved than what you first expect. Projects usually expand by 200%.
    Your barriers. I want people to take have a good think about what is going to stop them achieving their project goals so that they may be able to do something about them up front.
    I think I may have gone over the top on that response, but pull out what is relevant to your question. As for what project to do, well your mentor should have a good idea on that one.
    Good luck on your project!



    Hi Khader ,
    Just adding up to the previous thread. Before taking any project think on the basic factors like:
    1) Project should be independent
    2) Should have noticable change
    3) Should have data for the same, if you don’t have raw data for the same then you will need to devote more time in gathering data then doing any project.
    4) Time: Should always choose the dead line wisely.
    Thats all i can think off as if now.



    only one point to be added here
    – don’t pick up the GB project on output
    pick up one or two inputs which contributes to the output. that should automatically defines the scope appropriately

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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