Is This a Good Idea for a Green Belt Project?

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    Julio López

    Hello good morning, i recently completed my GB Course, so i’m in the phase of the certification, i’m working in an automotive company so one of my projects is a line balancing, to do this is required to implement some automations in order to create unbalance and then balance the line, is this a good project for the GB Certification?

    Thanks in advance, best regards-


    Gary P. Cox

    Here’s my thought Julio,
    GB Projects begin with a solid Problem Statement, for which a solution is not known. An unbalanced production line has an impact on decreased quality and higher inventory, so in theory, yes it has the making of a good project if you quantify the problem and the impact of that problem. (Cost of inventory or rework due to poor quality etc.) However, it seems you have already determined the solution (automated equipment being installed) so for that reason I’d say, no it’s not a good GB project. Not to mention the time it takes to implement new automated equipment, you’d likely take a long time to get through your project.

    If your project is to reduce inventory, or address poor quality, then go for it. Who knows, maybe there are interim solutions that can be put in place while you await the arrival of new automated equipment. But installing new equipment is not a GB project in my opinion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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