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    What would be the next step after you have finished defining your project (Team Charter). My project is about training effectiveness, what would be my measureable in this case?



    I am doing the exact same project for green belt – i would be keen toliase re this?


    Gaurav Wadhwa

    Hi Tanya,
    I think you should take a Lean Project rather than Green Belt Project however Making project Charter is not only in the Defining pahe there are lot more as well. You can use this link to findout more.
    You should consult from your Black Belt. if you donot have the Black belt then you should hire a consultant for proper Six Sigma training.


    Erik L

    I don’t want to sound too critical, but I would argue that you are really not done with Define if you still have such a fundamental question in front of you.  Most implementations that I’ve been exposed to, require that the CTQ be identified for the overall project and that metric is organic to the Project Charter.  If they don’t use CTQ, perhaps they use Primary/Secondary measure?  Measures of efficiency/effectiveness?  What is the objective of the project?  That objective should be linked to the CTQ, and your best bet of where you think that metric is currently performing. 
    The Project Charter is one of the key deliverables of the Define phase and there are many tools, at your disposal, to flesh that document out.  SIPOC, VOC, CTQ Trees, In/Out Scope, and MGPP.  Those are all tools, or families of tools, to help fill in the TBDs and unknowns that you run across as you’re filling out the Project Charter. 
    Once that is defined, for your organization, in the manner that is most impactful to the key stakeholders of your business there will be many ways to show that you’ve had an impact.  Is it taking too long (TAT) from initial hire until they become proficient.  Are survey responses low on the utility of the current offering?  Do they think that 1st year attrition is driven by poor training effectiveness (specifically 30/60/90 days post hire)?  Are individuals incapable of achieving certification levels as a result of the training?  Are there too many re-trains?  Are individuals not being armed with the knowledge that they need to perform their tasks?  Are individuals not attaining some minimum score on an exit exam?  Who believes that there is even an issue?  What’s the impact to the customer and the business?
    All of this should be grappled with in the Define phase.  Often, it’s a good idea to use a Thought Process Map (TPM) to create a list of knowns/unknowns/assumptions etc.  List your questions and map out the various routes that you would pursue to answer those questions.  As you explore those paths, certain tools will come to mind as a way to provide answers to your questions.  Sit down with your mentor and hammer this out. 
    Hope this helps with some of the questions that you might have.


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    SIPOC then apply DMAIC,step by  step
    Meaure ROTE,hours  of  training ,Number  of  courses,evaluation scores,number  of  attendants,try  to  find  a  relation  between  the  number  of  training  courses  and  the work effectiveness (how?it is  your  challange). good  luck

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