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    I am new to this SIX SIGMA, last week I attended the training and I choose the project title ABSENTEEISM REDUCTION. Kindly guide me


    Chris Seider

    Did your training emphasize getting a project sponsor and being sure to attack business pain points? Do you have data on types of absenteeism? I’d say narrow down focus to …. IF you can get a project sponsor or champion.


    Tom Wright

    If you’re looking for a similar project, I’ve downloaded and thought it was useful for me on my green belt project. It’s more about employees leaving the company but I bet the absenteeism is related turn over because of employee dissatisfaction.



    You’ve chosen a difficult first project so I’d advise you to reconsider. You will have trouble narrowing down the many variables to identify the critical few and you will have even more trouble measuring them. If your HR policy requires a documented excuse for each absenteeism incident at least you’ll have some initial data, although it might not be reliable. More likely all you’ll have is absenteeism rate as a starting point. In either case you’ll have to rely on interviews/surveys to begin root cause analysis and you won’t get reliable answers unless there is trust that they won’t be used for punishment.




    I Collect teh data through Brainstorming the supervisors by what are the reasons for asking leave ?
    Through interviewing the absentees for reason.

    The collected reasons are 1 Illness
    2 Family Problem
    3 Accident Outside
    4 Accident Inside
    5 Transport
    6 Out Side Training
    7 Training Period Braek
    8 Misconduct Break
    9 Pregnancy
    10 Local Festivals / Social Religious Festivals
    11 Co Worker Family Fuctions
    12 Alternative Job on specific Occasions like Marriage Functions
    13 Month End Work Pressure
    14 Long hours of work
    15 Bad Working Conditions
    16 Boredom
    17 Rainy Seasons
    18 Bullying and harassment
    19 Night Shift
    20 Rural exodus – Sowing & Harvesting crops
    21 Sickness among parents and other members of the family.

    Kindly help me to make cause and effect diagram or Fish Bone diagram



    Now i think you collected your data ,In order to make cause and effect diagram or Fish Bone diagram you can easily use Excel or Minitab.

    I hope this will help you.


    Mike Carnell

    I might be mistaken but I don’t see any data. You have a list of stuff that you could have sat down in a corner and produce3d yourself without doing any “brainstorming” what ever that is supposed to mean.

    It sounds like you sat in some classroom, closed your eyes and used the force to pick a problem. I don’t even see a problem. How many days are people allowed to be absent? How many people are in excess of that? if there aren’t any you don’t have a problem. You have people adhering to a system that was set up to define acceptable behavior. If your system says 5 days and nobody exceeds 5 days there is no problem.

    This is Six Sigma and it deals with facts and data. If the whole Kumbaya thing is what floats your boat then maybe a activities director on a cruise ship is a better choice.

    Whoever is teaching your class should have told you this.

    Just my opinion.


    Chris Seider


    boy, reminds me of the old days (outside of work)….

    Hope all is well with you my friend, colleague, …. Let me know when you get your visitors from RSA and maybe we’ll plan something?

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