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    I am currently working in cash & securities reconciliatons, in mnc. & also pursuing Green Belt programm from one of the pvt. inst. Could you please advise me the steps, from where i can start/from which point i can start my new project.
    Please advise. waiting for reply.
    Thanks in Advance. 



    Are you studying under the mentorship of a Black Belt or Master Black Belt, or you “going solo” on your Yellow Belt studies?  Does your organization train its Managers to be good Sponsors / Champions?
    If so, ask your BB or MMB, and your Sponsor / Champion — they are the best source of meaningful Green Belt Projects.
    If not, and you are going solo, then:
    1.  Recognize that your first project as a Green Belt will be tough.  You will want someone to bounce ideas off of, and to provide you with critical review of your analysis, approach, recommendations, etc. Try to find a mentor that will do this with you (even if that person is not a BB or MBB); and then
    2.  Ask yourself this question:  where is there “pain” in the organization?  What pains are our customers experiencing?  What pains are our suppliers experiencing? What pains are our employees experiencing?  What do the pains look like / feel like?
    This should provide you with a good list of possible areas, that you can then narrow and fashion into a Project.
    And remember: if you don’t have a Six Sigma mentor, get someone who can act as a mentor.
    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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