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    Dave In Iowa

    OK, so I’ve read the recent posts regard what might constitute a “good” green belt project, but here’s my dilema.  We are kicking off our first wave of green belt training and are selecting 10-12 green belt candidates.  Part of the requirement to attend the training is for them to come with a green belt project selected and approved (supported) by their management.
    My question is this; would you sacrifice some of the aspects of $ savings in exchange for a project with good data.  The idea being it is better to learn the tools well, then go after the savings in the months/years to come.
    Anyone have strong opinions on what works?



    What one needs in the roll-out stage such as yours is an impact on the entire organisation. Any initiative would significantly lose its impact in case there is no dollar firepower to it.
    In fact, some projects with not so much ready data but with $$$ in it would be much more exciting learning and would give the desired impact as well.
    Thanks and all the best…



    Go for quick wins, pick easy projects that will build confidence for both management and employees.
    Market the results well,


    André Fokt

    Hello Dave,
    We also are in the phase of initial training of Green belts. And like you, we did have a lot of discussion about the cost savings during training of Green belts.
    We made the choise to look at both issues: one being the fact that a good project must contribute to the strategic goals of our company and second that as much as possible the six sigma tools must be applied in the choosen project.
    In day-to-day business this means that sometimes we have projects that don’t meet our internal requirements for GB-projects. But nevertheless there must be a minimum of cost savings to drive the project (they must contribute to the company goals). For these projects the learning part is more important then the costsaving. In future projects this loss will pay-off by the application of the six sigma tools learned.
    I only can advice you not to stick to the costsavings whatever it takes, but also focus on the success potential of a project in the initial phase of Green belt training.
    It’s no problem if one or two projects out of the 10-12 Green belt projects have less costreduction as planned. ther will be other projects that will rise above the calculated costsavings. Don’t worry about this. At least not while going through the initial training of GB’s.
    André Fokt – Implementation leader Six Sigma  


    Jonathon Andell

    You may want to build a decision matrix, and evaluate the strength of potential projects based on a number of criteria. Here are a few:

    Compatible with six sigma approach
    Manageable scope
    Benefit to organization
    Complimentary to curriculum
    You get the idea. Every potential project will have tradeoffs, and you need to manage them, so that nobody gets unrealistic expectations. The matrix is a good tool for analysis and documentation.
    Good luck!

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