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    PSA Ed

    Prior to being laid-off due to the Fleet/Bank of America merger, I was elearning a Six Sigma Green Belt training course at BOA. That was in ’05, and I’ve forgotten most of my lessons. What do suggest for a quality low-cost ecourse for Green Belt training?


    Adam L Bowden

    Go and buy “six sigma for dummies” – it’s not too bad.
    For $22 it might be your best low cost option.Adam


    PSA Ed

    Is this your attempt at humor?


    Adam L Bowden

    Hello PSA Ed,Actually not my normal sense of humour as a number of folks on
    this site can attest.
    Right now with people reeling in their expenses there are a number
    of ways to achieve certification without spending a whole lot of
    money – that is if it if for personal gain rather than business gain.
    I’m working with some individuals that have been trained but need
    certification but I never let them off lightly regarding certification
    criteria … let me elaborate … (or humour you )Personal Gain …
    – If it’s simply a certificate … that’s easy … go to a good book store
    and buy “Six Sigma for Dummies” as it’s quite a good book then
    after absorbing it take the ASQ test – cheap and simple to get a
    certificate. Personal Gain … with rigid certification Criteria
    I and other seasoned folk will assist individuals in getting certified
    – but not without a lot of blood sweat and tears – certification
    criteria is pretty rigid.Personal Gain and Business Benefit…
    – If however you wish to achieve results then this is a completely
    different animal and a certification comes from the blood sweat
    and tears of achieving a business result and providing for a cultural
    transformation. Certification is an outcome of getting the right
    training, coaching and achieving the right result. Certificates and
    certifications in my opinion without a result are just academic and
    meaningless to a business or potential employer.So … PSA Ed – how is my Sunday morning Humour ?Please feel free to drop me a line and we can chat at length off line
    about this or even to just network.Best regards,Adam



    I can attest that you do not have any sense of humor but your advice is usually right on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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