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Topic Will Black Belt Training Prepare Me for a Green Belt Exam?

Will Black Belt Training Prepare Me for a Green Belt Exam?

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    Hello all,

    I am interested in pursuing the black belt certification through ASQ. However, there may be a possibility I will be changing employers or going back to school full time in the upcoming year before I am able to complete my project. If this is the case, I have thought about taking the Green Belt exam to obtain the certification in the interim until I am able to complete the project and obtain my Black Belt certification.

    I know it sounds redundant and unnecessary, but I have the time and resources to take the black belt course now. So my question is if I take the Black Belt course, I should have more than enough preparation to take the green belt exam, correct?


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    Of course this is correct. Why even bother with Green Belt? One reason you might do it is that ASQ’s GB is a lifetime certification while BB requires periodic recertification — not a re-exam but documentation of continuing work and development. If you aren’t going to be in a position where you can easily meet these requirements you might be wise to get GB now and BB later. Check ASQ’s website for recertification details.

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    Yes, I would prefer getting the BB from the get go but if I can’t right away I still want to be able to get something out of it while I am in the position of complete my project. Thanks for the advice, I hadn’t thought about the recertification for the BB.

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    Both the certifications are different from each other, so as their syllabus and course material. If you are looking to get certification for GB, you must prep for that using its specific material.

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    Isn’t the BB more comprehensive than the GB? If anything wouldn’t I be more than prepared for the exam since I would know more than required?

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    Yes. But BB training assumes that you know the fundamentals so it may skip over some of the things in the GB exam.

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    just be aware….SOME exams will have “history” questions not related to tools, techniques, or approaches.

    I always wonder why one could certify a BB based partly on whether they can identify that GE is credited with adding D to DMAIC but I can tell you that we at GenCorp/OMNOVA Solutions had created a week 0 of training doing similar stuff during the same time frame.

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    You should prepare for GB course material only for giving exam on GB because the GB topics are covered in depth in GB Training only

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    @dianaru13 I worked with a man in the 1980’s -1990’s who had 300 college credits and no college degree. He took classes that either interested him or were useful to him. He was one of the best thinkers I have ever known. Take that for what you will.

    This is ASQ. They publish their BOK. Google it for BB and for GB and see if there is a difference. I doubt it is significant. What you need to understand about an ASQ test is that you need to learn how to read their questions. The best prep I have seen for their test is:

    Why not focus on learning the process and don’t worry about the test. There are a lot of people out there who can pass a test and still have no clue what they are doing.

    @cseider The reason you were taught MAIC instead of DMAIC is because your Gencorp deployment ran concurrently with GE (My book is still written with MAIC unless an editor has changed it). We were still teaching basicly the way Motorola did it and we had no week 0 or D because we had all that information that was produced by the Motorola MOS – probably not by design. It was very odd for us to arrive at a company and find out there was no data.

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    At least I got good mentoring and learnin’ in & out of the classroom.

    I still remember thinking “I know this stuff from my experimental design days in college” but luckily the mind was like a sponge…and got to work with folks like yourself to further refine.

    And yes, it’s nice to know what I didn’t know even during those initial 4 weeks….

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    @cseider Actually that whole Week 0 was a learning experience for us. Because most of us came from Motorola and the only place outside Motorola we had been asked to do a deployment was Allied Signal (95) the GE and GenCorp in 96 we had to figure out how to do projects with no initial data.

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    Heh, heh @Mike-Carnell. At AlliedSignal we were convinced that everything had to be a “project”, meaning that you had to have a written plan with goals, schedule, budget, resources, and so on before you could get approval to begin.

    But back to @dianaru13 original question. Do you even need certification? An enlightened hiring manager cares more about your track record and knowledge than about degrees and certifications. An enlightened operational manager cares more about your improvement ideas rather than your ability to write a formal project plan, even a short one in the form of a one-page charter. Degrees and certifications give confidence to HR departments and hiring managers. And a nice looking project plan gives confidence to an operational manager. Internally, you may be able to go far based on knowledge and performance without degrees and certifications. When you look for a job elsewhere you may not even get in the door without them. So GB or BB? HR departments and hiring managers think a GB is a beginner so go for BB if you have the opportunity.

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    @Straydog – good point. I’ve interviewed some that had “certification”, even ASQ, but couldn’t reason through one of my favorite BB questions – what do you do when you have a GR&R of 70% and a process with a Cpk of 1.7? They have been trained to react to certain values, not think and understand what the data is telling them.

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    @Straydog @Mike-Carnell, thank you for your responses! I’ll explain my situation that lead to my original question. I work for a company that have many what I call *homemade* tools to drive progress and solve progress that come from Six Sigma and Lean concepts but they are often *watered down* and re-labeled to acronyms in a different language that only employees that work in the company understand. This is a huge pep peeve as I think I could do so much better if I learned these tools the right way and if I could see the entire process and actually apply them correctly. So, I would like to take the course for my personal career development, I would not say my company encourages learning it or getting the certification nor I care if they do or not.

    With all of this though, often the certification wether GB or BB is seen as a plus on the qualifications for a job, so getting the certification does have its *perks* which is why I would like to get it especially if I am thinking about changing jobs/employer or even going to business school. I would prefer to get the BB certification (ambitious me) but if I don’t have enough time to complete a couple of projects before I switch employers I still want to be able to get a certification and knowing ASQ doesn’t require a project for the GB, that would be the only option!

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    @dianaru13 It does sound like in your situation you should get GB, at least for now. Project documentation for BB can be a problem. Even if you’ve done one, your employer may not allow you to use it considering trade secrets and such. You’d also need written affidavits vouching for your professionalism in the field. We want to assure that our higher level certifications show that you’re a qualified professional so we ask for more than just passing an exam.

    But back to your original question once again. Since you can take the BB training now, do it. Supplement it with some research and reading on the fundamentals and history and you should have no problem passing the GB exam. GB exam specific preparation materials are readily available. I can recommend those from the Indiana Quality Council. We use them for GB training in my local ASQ section.

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    According to my opinion You should find a mentor first based on the question.

    In case of six sigma it is not the certification but the knowledge what really important is and only a mentor can help You to get it…

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    @Straydog I am well aware of what Allied Signal required since I was consulting there from day 1 – actually it varied from division to division. I had Automotive with Gary Cone. Specifically I had Turbo chargers and safety restraints for year 1 and braking systems and braking material for year 2.

    @dianaru13 Something you might consider is the CQE for ASU. Granted you lose the name BB but you will have the knowledge to pass the BB test and you will have an industry recognized certification. Time may be an issue. Same thing for study – get the books from Quality Council of Indiana and you are good for the test.

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