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    i just joined my company for less than a year. My boss has appointed me to attend 6-sigma greenbelt training. Can anybody tell me what to expect for this program? How to choose project? Actual fact, the instructor has assigned a project to me which is to reduce the number of accidents involving forklift (irrelevant to my job scope), can anybody please advise what am I supposed to measure??


    Jim Johnson

    First of all, congratulations on your selection to attend Green Belt training.  By being selected you are regraded very highly by your organization.  In terms of how to measure forklift accidents, I would start with the company’s safety office.  They undoudtedly keep statistics on accidents involving workers.  A second place to find data would be to look in the accounting area to see how much cost is associated with lost material due to forklift accidents.
    Once you have this data, you could interview each person involved in the accidents to determine the critical inputs to the process (i.e., what causes forklift accidents).  This information should lead to the most often occuring causes.  These causes (Defects) need to be removed from the process which is what you would do in the improve phase.
    Once your improvements were in place, you would want to take data measurements over a period of time concerning forklift accidents to determine if you had any impact on the problem.  Assuming that you did, you would establish a simple statistical control process around the critical x(s) or causes so that you could monitor them and determine when the process is likely to go out of control.
    I hope that this helps.  Good Luck!
    Jim J.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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