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    Dear allI want to do a green belt project on service improvement for my virtual reception service team (call handling).Since I dont have any black belts or green belts to turn to here- can someone advise me on how to go about it. especially what are the factors that I need to analyze and how can I relate improvement in call handling service to revenueThanks


    Don Strayer

    One place to look for ideas is ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) the widely accepted framework for IT services, including help desk and call centers.  ITIL V3 has a strong focus on business strategy allignment and revenue considerations.  Best sources for info are the IT Information Services Management Forums (international) and (USA).
    But the best place to start any SS project is identification of what dissatisfies your customers.  Best practice models such as ITIL are very helpful to avoid reinventing the wheel,  but if the new wheel isn’t what the customer needs…



    Hi Dimitrz,
    I saw your question here and thought to add some points that can help you decide.  I am a Black Belt and work as independent consultant to help companies achieve thier goals. 
    Always as you may have seen follow the DMAIC methodology on new project.  Before you can use this method, you have to have to map use your business sense/logic/issues knowledge to pick out few areas that you think are in line for assessment.  This is called project selection.
    Once you get those, go ahead and define the DPMO in each area.  This can be diffcult for first timers and you will need some Black Belt with you.  Based on DPMO, pick your project.(Stick to one!- just joking)
    Hope this helps….If this is individual project for yourself, you will be abel to move suing these starting concepts.  If it is corporate porject or you guys need help in really solving issues, let me know!!


    Vision Raval

    I have done my MBA with BPO management and Six sigma Black belt certification with 10  years of experience.
    I prefer to suggest you to define entire call center operation and Management in to macro level process. To streamline it make sure that you apply DAMIC formula to make it quality base functionary.
    Good Luck,
    Vision Raval ,



    Hi Dimitrz,
    I am a Black Belt with Insurance Company.
    Begin with asking your customer (External/Internal)‘what is critical for them’.
    Once they have told you the requirements then identify which are the ones that are being measured (to check for past trends). Prioritize based on the requirements & the ones which are most crucial can be taken up as projects. Put a metric around those which are not being measured, to start tracking their performance.
    Customer is the key in identification of a project. You don’t want to do a project which is not a priority for the customer as you might end up carrying a dead monkey. 
    Some examples of project I have seen in a callcentre
    First time resolution
    Call Quality

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