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    I have an assembly gap (i.e. 0.010″ +/- 0.002″) that I would like to measure. To measure the assembly gap, I need to measure length of two components of the assembly. The difference between the two lengths is the assembly gap. To demonstrate that gage capability, I did a gage r&r study on the two lengths and the %GRR is 3% and 8% respectively. How can I use the %GRR for the lengths and make an assessment if the calculated assembly gap (0.010″ +/- 0.002″) are good? Can I spool the sigma R&R for the lengths and compares to +/- 0.002″? 


    Cyrus Kotval

    Since you would be assessing the %GR&R on the assembly gap, why would you not run the analysis on the difference between the lengths measured? That should suffice. Using that approach the % GR&R to tolerance can be directly assessed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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