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    I am always thankful to all of you who helped me in the past on my queries regarding six sigma projects. Here is another question:
    How do I perform GR&R for the push out test?
    Push out test is basically done to verify the fastener welded to part is good. We have a push out test equipment where the die holds the part and the force is applied from the top to the head of bolt / nut.
    Appreciate all comments.



    Here’s a simple destructive GRR test:
    Get parts that are as homogeneous as possible.  Randomly separate them into groups.  Now you have some choices:
    (1) Assign a group to each operator and let him/her measure all the parts in the group (operator-to-operator reproducibility). 
    (2) If there’s only one operator or if operator has no effect on the measurements, then assign a group to each of several measurement gages (gage-to-gage reproducibility). 
    (3) If there’s only one gage, then set it up multiple times and assign a group to each setup (setup-to-setup reproducibility).
    In Minitab, run General Linear Model.  Designate your factor (operator, gage, or setup) as a random factor.  To calculate % Reproducibility, you will need the expected mean squares and a little statistical help.



    Thanks for your reply. I will try it and if I get stucked any where I will ask your opinion. Thanks once again for your valuable time and expertise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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