Has Anyone Done This Specific Type of MSA in Minitab?

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    So I work at an automotive paintshop. We have a few dozen types of defects and we have a specially trained quality analyst that calls on what exactly the defect is. I already conducted the R&R on an Excel spreadsheet and I know for a fact that it passes, but I dont know how to run this type of MSA on Minitab (need the variability percentage and graphs screenshots).

    To explain myself better look here and here .

    I’m not sure exactly how this type of MSA is called, but I believe is either Round Robin Test or Attribute Agreement.

    I have tried the former, which is what it looks like the most, but the assistant will only allow me to input either if its good or bad, when in my case, I know they’re all bad, just want to measure if they agree on the specific type of defect. Any clues? Thank you very much.


    Bonnie Stone

    You’re correct: the Assistant menu limits Attribute Agreement Analysis to a binary outcome, whereas the same command under Stat>Quality Tools doesn’t have this limitation. If you have >2 assessment outcomes you should consider Stat>Quality Tools>Attribute Agreement Analysis. Feel free to contact [email protected] if you’re having trouble making it run. ~ Bonnie

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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