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    I am looking for examples of Six Sigma projects and there results in healthcare. Can anyone share one.


    Carolyn Pexton

    There are numerous examples of completed Six Sigma projects across a wide range of applications in healthcare. Some examples include using the methodology to improve service cycle time, reduce patient wait time, reduce medication errors, streamline nursing workflow, optimize the use of technology, reduce length of stay, improve the billing process and increase capacity for patients.
    It is difficult to provide a great deal of depth in an email response, but at a very high level, here are a few projects and results:
    -Midwest hospital reduced patient wait time in ED by over 40%
    – To improve perioperative services, one hospital focused on scheduling, length of stay and pre-admission testing. Projects resulted in turnover times reduced by 50-60%, higher surgical staff satisfaction and 6% increase in case capacity yielding $1.7m annually.
    – 500 bed hospital improved MR capacity adding 5 slots per day with potential for $437,500 annually in additional revenue
    -East Coast health system reduced average CHF length of stay from 6 to 4 days, also improving patient education and chart consistency as part of the project
    I would be happy to provide more detailed information on projects and results via email at [email protected].



    Do you have any examples of  improvements specific to the handling or managing of inpatient beds after they become free ?  I’m currently working on my first Black Belt project and looking for any literature on the subject. Is there a recommended periodical I could subscribe to in order to get this kind of information or any related information spcific to hospital processess? Thanks in advance


    Donald Bryant

    I was browsing the website and found under the 100000
    Lives campaign some pdf files that would make excellent Six Sigma
    projects. You can find them at this link: Luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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