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    i am bascially HR Manager in a IT/ITES Company and I have completed my Sig Sigma Green belt training..i basically did this course as i always got excited with systems and processess.
    My point is i dont get opportunities to work on six sigma cause of limitations within my organization, i am planning to move to bigger companies but then i want to do some projects in HR…
    Can anybody help guide me in this regards?

    Thank you


    Chris Seider

    There’s always an opportunity for improvement even if you don’t have to use a lot of tools.

    Hope you find something.


    Mark G

    Hi Erick

    Personally, I contact leadership within a line of business, in your case HR, to discuss with that leader and their managers processes in need of improvement. Leadership should be aware of what is not working so well in their space. In a smaller org, perhaps feedback from other functions that HR support, might give you an indication of what is not working so well. I look for processes that fail to deliver client expectations with respect to quality or missed deliveries. Please note, a client can be both internal and external.

    Hope that helps



    Keri Wilson

    Hi Erick,
    it’s great to know you’re interested in process improvement in the HR realm. I started as a BB in HR 15 years ago and found I needed to educate my team on what it was I wanted to do.
    My question to you – Is your HR leadership on board with continuous improvement? If they say they are but don’t really know what that means, you may want to offer a quick “White Belt” or “awareness” class for your folks. I found, in my first years as a BB in HR, that I had an obligation to train my team, especially on the value of data and how to speak in terms of a problem statement.
    I’m sure you want to jump right in and do more projects, and I can’t imagine your leadership would turn down your request. If not targeting pain points that roll up, you may want to take a top-down approach. Ask them about their overall department strategy. How are they planning to reach their current HR metrics? You may just want to take your manager to lunch and pick her/his brain on why you went to training and what you both can achieve with you newfound skill set.
    Good luck! I know you’ll find some great ideas.


    Ashley Leonzio

    I see questions like this often and what I’ve come to find is that its not usually about a lack of PROJECTS or ideas, it’s about a lack of ALIGNMENT. I bet that if you asked your boss or peers what their biggest pain points are (or what keeps them up at night), they’d have 5-10 they could rattle off IMMEDIATELY!

    I share a very similar opinion to @kbwilson92. I find it best to take a top-down approach. Have a conversation with the HR leadership about what areas they would like make improvements to and and ask them for the opportunity to address one of said opportunities. You could always come in with a few proposals, but be VERY CAREFUL not to get defensive or dejected if they don’t agree to have you start right away. Again, its not just about fixing A problem, its about fixing the right problems – ones aligned to the direction the organization is heading!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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