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    :unsure: I have been asked to facilitate a session to consolodate a group of resources to optimise effectiveness and costs. The resources have a wide variety of tasks, both blue and white collar, but also have affinity in some areas (ie someone cutting grass could also re-stock a road salt store). What process would allow me to firstly group these and then ultimately consoldate them into the best cross functional teams? I have considered affinity maps but not sure these would work.


    Eric Maass

    Hello Gripper,

    Thanks for the challenging request.

    Some suggestions:

    1) First, do your best to clarify with the executives / management what you are really trying to optimize, and how to measure it. How can you measure “effectiveness”?
    “Costs” sounds clear, but how will they know that you have optimized “costs”?
    Mostly, the type of question you might ask of the primary driver and his/her finance or accounting manager is something like, “One year or two years from now, what financial metrics would you look at to determine if we were successful in this effort?”

    2) Try to obtain a clear idea what the cross functional teams are intended to accomplish… Are these proposed cross functional teams temporary, to solve certain problems or accomplish certain short term goals, or are they groupings for a new organizational structure on a longer term basis?

    3) If you can, start from the objectives /goals,and work backwards – what types of resources are necessary and sufficient to achieve each objective / goal. Determine if these resources are needed full time or part time for achieving each objective /goal.

    4) Create a matrix of resource types and objectives. Include the part time/full time aspect in each cell of the matrix.

    5a) If you see some common types of resources that are needed part time in support of several objectives, perhaps they should become a centrallized group that is called upon.

    5b) If you see some common types of resources that are needed full time in support of an objective, then they should probably be considered as the core of a cross functional team.

    6) Determine and summarize the resource gaps, and the situations where there aren’t enough resources to support the needs, and provide this summary to the executive along with your suggestions on the organizational structure.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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