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    Hello! I’m taking the six sigma greenbelt certification course and I need to choose a toic regarding trademarks (in a legal way), but I don’t know what can I do, any ideas for developing a project regarding trademarks??
    Your help will be greatly appreciated!
    Hola! Empezaré a tomar el curso de certificación de six sigma greenbelt y necesito escoger un tema que tenga que ver con marcas (desde el aspecto legal, como contestar oficios, renovaciones, registros, etc.), pero no se que tema puedo hacer en mi projecto, alguién que pudiera darme ideas??
    Muchas gracias!!!


    Robert S

    Who told you that your project had to involve trademarks? If it is someone in mngt. in your firm then have a sit down discussion with them and develop a Problem Statement. That is, what problems does our firm have with trademarks. How is it impacting our customers or impeding our products coming to market, etc….
    You cannot create a project around a topic. You must create it around an issue. Find an issue then follow the steps you are being taught.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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