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How to Measure Process Capability

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    Hello there,

    Good Day!

    I worked on a project that need to be improved, the goal is to increase FIRST PASS YIELD% of the process, i am confused because the process what im going to improve gives me DEFECTIVE count only, (eg. input = 10000 No good = 150) , the data is in descrete, the process capability I always saw were using continuous data giving ppk,Cpk etc.

    What im going to do if im asked what is the capability of that process?

    Process: Visual Inspection
    No Good defect = having Flux on the material
    Good = material without Flux

    kindly check the attached file for the raw data,

    Thank you!

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    What you need to do is go out on the web and search “process capability for attribute data”. If you have access to a public library you could try to get Measuring Process Capability by Bothe through inter-library loan. Chapter 9 in that book has all the details.

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    ppm defective is a fine metric

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    I know that PPM is a good metric, but what is the rule for when it should be used? If we make 10 different products, some at 500 annually, some 5000 annually, do I simply use the calculation of % of defects by units produced?

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    It’s truly a start. Assuming not huge differences in the cost of quality for ppm defective, pareto out the products and see where to attack first.

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    @ruenincolas When you get your capability number what piece of information will you have that will move you project forward?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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