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Topic HELP! JMP vs Minitab???

HELP! JMP vs Minitab???

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    HELP!!!! My rather large business is trying to decide whether to use JMP or Minitab statistical software for its Six Sigma efforts.
    I am looking for comments from people who have used both JMP and Minitab software. One-sided opinions won’t help much.
    Specifically I’m looking for opinions on capabilities, ease-of-use, etc. Are there different perspectives between Black Belts, Green Belts, and new users?
    Note: I don’t work for SAS or Minitab. This isn’t an advertizing ploy. I work for a large electronics company that is really looking to decide between these two products, and I need HELP!!! I myself use Minitab. My cohorts use JMP. We can’t agree on what our company should use.


    There was string about 2 months ago on the same subject. There was a response by Steve that was probably the best comparison of differences and how to work the software so they can do similar things.
    I prefer Minitab and have not used JMP much basically because of the support we have always received from the Minitab staff. You can download a version of Minitab free from the web. probably the best test would be to have it available to some people who are representative of the future BB’s take a look. More of a VOC type approach.
    Good luck.


    Here’s the thread that Mike Carnell referenced. It took me a few mintues to find, so I thought I would share it with you:
    Be sure to look at Steve’s comments (as Mike said), they are very good and comprehensive.


    Thank you for the help.


    I have both Jump and Mini-Tab.  I have been highly trained on both types of software.  Like you I use Mini Tab because I started out using it and have now used it for so many years.  If you have minitab ver 13.31 or greater I believe it is very good.  Version 12 was very poor as far as manipulating data.  I use to manipulate my data in Excel then copy and paste it to Mini-Tab.
     My company highly supported Jump software because it is suppose to be easier for the new generation.   I can only say this in conclussion.  A good example of out of the box thinking may be to let the user decide for them selves.  Most BB training facilities use Mini-Tab so many BB feel more comfortable with it.  The bottom line dollars saved is the desired output and should be the primary focus.  Supporting both software packages in house is an expense for sure.  Does it out weight shifting people away from what they have always used.  Not sure.  I do not recommend squobbling or deviding the trops over something as small as software prefrence.  I would hand them the weapon the like and start couting the dollars saved.
    Best wishes to you and good luck 


    At my previous company we used JMP; at my new company we use Minitab. I find Minitab to be a little more intuitive to use. I also like the macros you can download.
    Minitab’s  support groups appear to be are more active — newsletters and web-based information as well as white papers. It seems to me that their documentation is a little easier to use; JMP developed their own terminology, which was, to me, a little more confusing.
     The younger engineers here were all raised on Minitab in college, so they are very comfortable with the software. The younger engineers at my old company would download the Minitab 30-day trial copy to use rather than go with JMP. However, that company’s IT group was not very supportive when it came to statistical software on to desktops; also it was very hard to get updates.
    Good luck.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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