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    Anthony T

    Hi all!
    I am fairly new to six sigma. Now I am doing a project. I am trying to improve the bottomline of a trading firm. I have two queries:
    1) If there are 3 ways a customers identifies defect in a transaction, namely, wrong pricing, wrong product and delay in delivery. If I keep count of all the defects in all the categories, then what would be the number of opportunities? 1 or 3?
    2) How to operationalize customer satisfaction?
    lastly, the firm I am working is just a small firm, employing 6 people and yearly revenue in around $150,000. Will my project be consired valid, as no way can I save milions of dollars for this firm.
    Expecting some help from experienced people.
    Thanking you.
    Anthony T.



    I think all three defects count as one. The bottom line is that the transaction was faulty, regardless of how.
    Example: If one widget in 100 is defective, you count only the fact it was defective. In reality, it was too short, wrong color, and scratched.
    Just my 2 cents.


    Adam Bowden

    1) you are right – you need to capture opportunities. This way you
    can appropriately baseline dissimilar processes. To do this
    correctly you really need to count opportunities based upon
    opportunities that count in the eyes of the customer – you need to
    count the CTQ’s (Critical to Quality) characteristics of the product
    or service. I’d say that 3 opportunities may be appropriate for one
    step in one process – there will be a lot more the more you dig
    into this.
    2) Customer Sat – again look at the CTQ’s to start with, then start
    to collect other information “reactively” from your call centers too
    start with then progress to “proactive” focus groups etcAn age old quote “it’s not the size that matters”. Certification, if
    from a competent and pedigree Master Black Belt, may consist
    typically of :
    – 3 projects (at least 2 through the control phase)
    – Results that meet your initial charter
    – sufficient technical integrity of tool use or “supervised training of
    Green Belts” on specific topics
    – Certification Board presentations to Leadership, Training MBB and
    other MBB.Size of saving is NOT a criteria for certification – it is required by
    Leadership and the consulting group to justify the expenditure of
    your training etc. Those people really do not understand the
    typical ROI on Lean or Six Sigma deployments.Hope this helps – if I can assist any further do not hesitate to call
    to chat. Regards,Adam
    (1) 720 938 0321 MST (GMT -7hrs)

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