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    Hi all.  As way of introduction I am a Quality Manager for a pathology laboratory that is investigating adoption of Six Sigma.  I am looking for a project to appl SS to that has to be a winner.  Two projects are presenting but I am struggling to apply SS to them.  The first is  a regulatory change that requires us to review and change how we package pathology specimens for transport and make a decison on what commercial pack we move to.
    The second is a regulatory change requiring roll out of a KPI measurement that occurs every 6 months based on historical performance data.  This is currently operating at 1 site using tools that are not available at the other 5 sites.  The current system is time consuming and resource intense and we need to find a way that is efficient and scalable.  What can I measure given the activity is once every six months?
    Any help on the approach to these using DMAIC if applicable is appreciated.
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    Issue 1) What is the problem?  Do the new requirements change the process enough so you are not hitting your goals or targets (specs)?
    Issue 2) Look into more of a DFSS approach.  It sounds like you need to overhaul the process than just optimize it.
    If you can go into more detail of what the exact “pain” is, I believe you will get more and worth wild assistance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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