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    I have about 15 six sigma black belts in my organization in addition to regular program managers. sometimes they all dont have work to do and I am not interested in carrying a fixed cost. I’d like to hire, when I want to do a specific task or project. My intent will be to find a global company with a good pool of candidates that I can select from at any time.
    ie., this will move my fixed cost to variable cost.BBs are not reqd to be content experts and all I need is for them to lead and drive.I could use inputs on the viability of such a model.
    hope this is the right forum to ask this question. thank you



    What was the question?



    Question:1. Do big companies hire outside BB consultants to do their six sigma projects? What are the pros/cons of doing this vs using inhouse employees
    2. Which staffing companies offer black belts “for hire” on a project by project basis. any clues appreciated.thanks


    Heebeegeebee BB

    Let me get this straight…you “manage” a pool of 15 BB’s and you aren’t proactive enough to assist in developing improvement projects for them?   Is your business operating at 6S levels (3.4 DPMO)???
    Is your company so good that all process variation has been eliminated?   Your Cost/Quality/Delivery metrics indicate that you walk on water?
    Get my drift???  
    Perhaps one or more BB’s could do a productivity analysis on your function?
    Sounds like a self-directed work team may be called for here…


    Ken Feldman

    David, without sounding too commercial, yes there are some fine organizations that will pimp out….I mean contract out BBs and MBBs to serve as part time resources.
    Stan can provide assistance with his subsidiary but beware since they only give one word responses to questions and that one word is usually an insult.
    Carnell has a few people he can lend out only because they have been banned from the RSA for immoral acts with the local animal population.
    Vinny has a staff of live Italian Mathematicians who will do subcontract work but you can hardly understand what they are saying.  Plus, being Italian and all, they will likely hit on the female employees of your company.
    I have a few friends I can recommend from South Beach, but they will likely hit upon the male employees of your company.
    Phil recently started a side business called BB Depot where you get the lowest prices and best selection of talent.
    I would pass on Dr. Scott’s people since they are so sensitive that if you say boo they will likely walk off the job.
    Btdt has already been there and done that so he is no longer in the business.
    Reigle is a good choice because he can probably get Dr. Harry to help out since he needs the money.
    Or you can outsource the whole thing to some BBs in India.  They post frequently and are probably a good value.
    Dog Sxxt used to do this but he was caught making illegal copies of Ken Lewis chia plants and is now on the run somewhere in China.
    I hope this has helped and good luck.



    David:It is unusual that BBs have time on their hands. Your implementation sounds unhealthy.Your MBB should be working closely with the executive to sustain the program, guide the projects and maintain a project pipeline. This would not be the first implementation where this has failed to happen. Tell the consultants that provided the program to fix this problem, or find a good company that can.If you do not have a competent MBB, then hire one and leave the BBs to do the projects.BTDT


    Mike Carnell

    You can tell when our guys show up on the Black Belt for hire stuff. they are typically the ones in the 6 inch red stiletto heels.
    It is a tough night in RSA. We are avenging the Lion King tonight. A Belt dropped some bilitong (local thing of dried raw red meat) only tonights is Wildabeast. Some local red wine and we will be howlin’ at the moon. It is the circle of life Simba.
    In the words of Ron White “I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrots.”



    Yes absolutely – $3k/day results guaranteed
    Write at [email protected]
    See Darth – more than one word and $3K / day will get him more than he expects.




    Exceptional work, Darth. Very well said and thanks for the excellent public relations assistance. Really funny stuff you said about the other guys, but I’m trying to start a business……
    I’ll also add at BB Depot, if your BB fails for any reason including mental fatigue and lack of appreciation on the customers part, return the remains to the store will all packing material for a full refund. With or without receipt. The girls in back in the cage will send what’s left of them into the trash compactor while we take full credit from the lower quartile training groups we get BB’s from.
    Don’t forget you can rent a truck for 75 minutes for only $19.99 to take your new BB home. Or one of our registered contractors will stop by and install it, laptop, minitab, white board and various motivational posters in the sweatshop of your choice.
    Forum members can now get all the products in our various seasonal promotions, including several added especially for summertime.
    “The Mr. WhizLab Outdoor Privy” That walk from the deck on the private lake to inside just to long when nature calls? With a Mr. WhizLab Outdoor Privy, it’s a whiz, I mean easy. Just step off the lawn chair and into the peace and comfort and privacy necessary for the backyard. Internet hook-up available.
    “The WhizMissile” For the SS professional on the go; why stop at the next rest area while still hours from the plant? The WhizMissile means easy fluid transfer with a full gallon capacity. Then just throw it out the window at 65 m.p.h. As seen on interstates everywhere! Also by WhizLab.
    And don’t forget to check out the Darth Vinny SoBe thong selection in the impulse pegs near the checkouts, right next to the selection of multicolored Mike Carnell/Senior Mustache and wrap-around sunglasses blisterpack. Great for project reviews or just when your projects are not doing so well and the CEO is visiting. He’ll never recognize you!!!!
    Finally, Oasis Barbecue Briquettes. Actual bags of debris left from the famous Oasis on Lake Travis. But don’t plan on using these in your next cook-out. We know that the treated lumber used in the expansive outdoor overlook contains high levels of arsenic. Ain’t good eatin!!!
    Get them while they are available…

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