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    Hello all.
    I have just started at a company who have implemented a cross-functional systems and reporting “solution” to deal with a complicated tax issue.  I was not involved.
    All systems-based data flow has been well documented, but senior stakeholders are now making noises (post implementation) that the business process has not been sufficiently mapped, that they are unsure of where handoffs have to occur and how many people they require to complete the necessary.  Cart before the horse stuff.
    I have been charged with rectifying this situation, and am of the mind that mapping and possibly a gap analysis of what we have vs. what we want are required.
    One major issue I have is that most of the people involved in the project have left (3 PMs were churned during the lifetime of the project).
    Questions is- what methods/tools would you suggest to tackle this task?
    I look forward to reading your replies.
    Kind regards,



    Sounds like a SIPOC to me…



    Hard to say without seeing what your current documentation is but from what you said I would start with a value stream map with all the usuall stuff, times, people etc. This should give you a good understanding of amount of people required, hand offs etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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