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    Hi!I can’t see any contradiction between Juran’s theory and Six Sigma. They both are the same “crap”.Juran’s Quality Trilogy:
    1. Quality Planning
    · Identify who are the customers.
    · Determine the needs of those customers.
    · Translate those needs into our language.
    · Develop a product that can respond to those needs.
    · Optimise the product features so as to meet our needs and customer needs.
    2. Quality Improvement
    · Develop a process which is able to produce the product.
    · Optimise the process.
    3. Quality Control
    · Prove that the process can produce the product under operating conditions with minimal inspection.
    · Transfer the process to Operations.One can tell that Six Sigma DMAIC and DFSS methods together with Process Management are based on Juran’s principles. Of course Juran Institute can sell the practically useful Six Sigma not the underlaying theory.



    I agree

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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