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    please if you have any information related to Housekeeping Quality Control, post it here, so we can share our knowledge.


    If you type housekeeping quality into the search function of the healthcare site of iSixSigma, you will find several articles. Try this link for an article specifically about Lean 5S and housekeeping: If I can be of further help, please contact me through my web site


    the page which you have adviced me doesn’t work, please help me to get it work. thanks.


    Dave,I am Director for Environmental Services in large hospital in LA area
    and I have work in several LSS projects related to the industry. Where
    do you want to start or better what do you customer wants from you
    services. I will start with VOCDario Carrero


    Dario Carrero,
    Thanks for answering my post
    Actually I am not like you –Director for Environmental Services- , I am just Housekeeping supervisor in some hospital here in Saudi Arabia. I have worked in some quality improvement projects for my hospital. Luckily, my Departments had been commented as outstanding in its housekeeping operation by the Joint Commission Accreditation International. My main concern is ‘ it is possible that housekeeping use six sigma approach to reach 99.99% perfection ?’ . Since I haven’t heard that housekeeping has ever used six sigma, I am trying to figure out that by browsing the net every now and then hoping to find any trace that someone did it. Currently we are using some type of quality management which comes from the inheritances of the old fashion of quality control.
    Please if you have any clue that six sigma can be used for housekeeping and if someone has tried it let me know.
    I would like to ask you what you mean by LSS and VOC, as far as I know VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, that’s if my memory still functioning.
    Again thanks for your response.
    If you like to email me here is my email:


    VOC:  Voice of the customer – any project you do should be based on a goal and the goal should be defined by your customer(s) be them internal or external.
    LSS:  Lean Six Sigma

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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