How can Six Sigma work in a Treasury function?

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    Danny G

    Any thoughts on how Six Sigma methodologies can be implemented within a Treasury Group?  (i.e. project selection, benefits…) 


    A R

    Hi Danny ,
    Six sigma methodologies can surely be applicable in various treasury operations .As evident six sigma is about delivering quality product  or service to customers so an evaluation can be done on indentifying  internal  and external  end users/customers of a  treasury .. accordingly from their point of view …areas can be identified where the improvements are needed . 
    Typical  project examples can be  account opening /management process , accessing information internally (transaction time /cost etc) , electronic financial transactions ( recording time /cost )  , cash management / investment process , interest payment/collection process .Additionally , to  all customer service processes where there are indentifiable inputs and outputs.
    Benefits will accrue in terms of  cost and time  savings which can be accordingly quantified .
    Regards  ,



    Can someone give examples… i am looking to determine the CTQ’s or Key perfomance indicator of a treaury operation which is part of an invesment company.  transactions in terms of no. is less so i cant take how much time one transaction takes ? so what can be an alternative –
    average rate of return on borrowing / investments? –  but that is more of a factor determined by market than what the process does?
    so what can be used as a ctq here?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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