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    Sherry Branstutter

    I am currently trying to obtain my Green Belt certification, so I am definitely a newbie at this. The project that I have been assigned is to improve our on time delivery rate. I am having a problem understanding how I need to do the MSA for this project. I understand Gauge R&R and and attribute analysis but neither seem to fit in this case. The only chance of a error is during data entry, the date the order is received or the date the order is delivered, all other calculations are done in our MRP system or Excel. I would appreciate any insights that you may have.



    @sixsigmagirl – Sherry: You might be just a bit pre-mature on doing your MSA. First you need to Define the problem. Can you clearly identify the issue that needs to be solved? (it’s going to be something smaller than “on-time delivery” but will improve on-time delivery). There are several aspects of this that might be needing improvement – ordering, order processing, order fulfillment, shipping, delivery acceptance and acknowledgement. When you get the specific item that you’re going to work on, then you will be ready to identify where to do your MSA.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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